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You'll Never Guess What The Saddle Club Look Like Now... The Ladies Are All Now In Their 30's

Growing up in the early 2000’s meant rushing home from school just in time to switch on the Saddle Club and sing ‘Hello World’.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years since Keenan MacWilliam, Sophie Bennett and Lara Marshall graced our screens as Carole, Stevie and Lisa. We’ve decided to do a sneaky Instagram stalk to see what life is now like for the Saddle Club Stars now in their 30’s and what they’ve been up to.

Keenan MacWilliam - Carole Keenan MacWilliam played the part of Carole Hanson. Growing up Keenan was a talented musician, learning to sing and play the guitar at just six.

These days, Keenan lives in Brooklyn New Yorke where she works as a Creative for VICE Media. She previously ran a feminist website she co-created with access Catilin Stacey, called ‘Herself.’

What's cool about Keenan and Catilin's friendship is before starring in Neighbours, Caitlin appeared in the Sleepover Club, which like the Saddle Club, held cult like status in the early 2000's.

Sophie Bennet - Stevie Sophie Bennet, who played Stevie, has continued her passion for acting. The Canadian born actress graduated from Vaughan Road Academy in 2007 and went on to study Media, Theory and Production at The University of Western Ontario.

She now works as a director and producer in Canada and also runs her own Youtube channel. Her Youtube is worth checking out, as she drops some pretty juicy details about her time on the Saddle Club and also previously participated in Vlogmas.

You can find her under her new name, Sophie Maude. While she keeps information pretty quiet about her love life, she did confirm on Instagram she’d been with her husband Zac for 6 years.

Lara Marshall - Lisa English born actress, Lara Marshall played the role of Lisa Atwood. Since appearing on the Saddle Club, the now 31-year-old appeared on 'The Doctor Blake Mysteries', 'Penny' and 'We Were Tomorrow.'

In a recent interview with 10 Daily, she revealed she, Sophie and Kennan are still super close. "I just saw Sophie and Keenan in LA! We've all remained really close," she said, "They're doing things behind the camera now, so it's really interesting how everyone's taken different routes career wise. I have so much love for them and we're all still really great friends," she added.


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