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Bachelor In Paradise Intruders Leaked...

We can barely contain our excitement that Bachelor in Paradise is only two sleeps away. It feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity to see our fave Bachie rejects booze it up in Fiji, as they ogle one another and cause controversy.

The show of course was filmed pre-covid in November and December of 2019, so while it’s pretty clear most of the contestants don’t find love with a fellow Bachie reject *cough* Keira McGuire *cough* what we didn’t know was we’re about to be introduced to some fresh meat.

Many fans could be excused for thinking Glenn, who apparently, unbeknownst to us appeared in Angie Kent’s series of the Bachelorette was the new face... However, a source has dropped their guts to New Idea, revealing sneaky Bachie producers brought in three intruders who have never actually appeared on the Bachelor franchise… WTF. Is this Love Island or Bachelor in Paradise!?

Apparently the arrival of the intruders sent ‘shock waves’ into the villa. We’re guessing it’s going to be one of those real awkie moments where the Bachie cast think they’re supposed to know who they are.

According to one jaded BIP male contestant, the guys just "couldn’t fit in" and keep up with their high flying conversations about former Bachelor fame.

“They couldn’t join in on our conversations because they had nothing in common with us,” he said.

“They couldn’t contribute. It was awkward.”

Despite the contestant backlash, we think this is fantastic news and it will definitely throw a spanner in the works. If the past is anything to go by, we think Bachie producers will have trawled the online topless waiter catalogues and picked out some real eye candy.


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