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New Twist In Kristin Cavallari Divorce Which Is Pretty F**ked

There’s already been an endless number of twists and turns in the Kristin Cavallari/Jay Cutler divorce filing and the pair only announced their split two weeks ago.

The latest twist has to be the most f**ked one yet and of course involves social media. Yesterday Jay took to Instagram to post a lovely tribute for Mother’s Day which included his ex.

Eyebrows were raised after he shared a photo of Kristin alongside their three children. He captioned the post: “Happy Mother’s day to all the moms,” the caption read. “These 3 little ones picked a good one.”

Kristin responded with a a red love heart emoji. While that all seems lovely it's rather confusing seeing as the pair are meant to be in the midst of a bitter, messy divorce case.

Well… the plot thickens when you delve a little deeper. Back in 2018 Kristin revealed she created and ran Jay’s insta account, hence the name ‘If Jay Had Instagram.’ She even wrote on an Insta comment at the time: “I think there needs to be a little clarification on Jay’s Instagram… It’s not him running it. It’s me. It’s what Jay would have if he had Instagram.” Many fans have jumped to the conclusion that it was Kristin and not Jay that posted the Mother’s Day tribute. One follower wrote: “Kristin, babe. We know you run this account. Happy Mother’s Day though,” added another follower. While another commented: “YOU WONT FOOL US KRISTIN.”

However, we're not 100% convinced Kristin has full control of Jay's Insta. A quick stalk reveals some pretty non aesthetically pleasing posts of card games and hunting photos that no girl in their right mind would post.


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