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Nick Kyrgios' Revealing Sex Confession

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios has confessed to sleeping with fans on a weekly basis while he's single. Kyrgios made the confession during a live stream while playing popular game Fortnight. A fan had asked him if he'd ‘ever shagged a fan?’

“Honestly, if I’m genuinely single and not seeing anyone it’s like a weekly thing,”

“I’m just like fans are unreal. It’s unreal stuff… they love it.” he said.

Kyrgios also revealed getting distracted whilst playing against Roger Federer one time, when he noticed an attractive girl in the stands.

I was slicing up Fedz and was like, "Damn". I wanted to take her out for a drink,' he said.

'Eastern Europeans just have my heart on the get-go. Tall Eastern European's I'm just like 'take half my earnings.'

The revelations come after news he and former girlfriend, Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya, have parted ways.


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