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THTH's Chloe Veitch Accuses Harry Jowsey Of Having Secret Girlfriend

He was the stand out star of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle after breaking all the rules with now girlfriend, Francesca Farago.

Now the 23-year-old is facing accusations he had a secret girlfriend. Co-star Chloe Veitch made the accusations whilst talking on Fox FM’s Fifi, Fev and Byron. “Harry was with someone else, he had another girlfriend in the space that him and Francesca split up,” Chloe told the shocked radio hosts. “It was on Instagram,” she continued.

She went on to reveal that Harry and Francesca were separated for eight months and only reunited shortly before the show went to air.

When questioned if she was jealous of Harry and Francesca’s relationship she replied a convincing, “no.”

Fans of the show will remember Chloe was initially interested in Harry but she quickly discovered her feelings weren't reciprocated. However, one year on, Chloe says the pair are more like 'best friends' and stay in touch via the phone and social media.


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