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The Top 90's Kid's Shows You've Probably Forgotten But Will Want to Binge Watch ASAP


Minty was an Australian-British TV series which ran in 1998. The plot followed the life of British school girl Melanie Hobson who won a trip to Australia only to discover she had an Aussie lookalike called Minty, who’s the star of an Australian soap opera. The plot thickens when the two meet and decide to swap lives. The only issue is they both have very different skills! Melanie is good at sport and singing but Minty is terrible at both. Whereas Minty is good at dancing and acting and Melanie can’t do either very well. The starting song will bring back sooo many memories! The best news is the whole series is on Youtube ready to bingewatch.

Genie From Downunder

Genie From Down Under was produced by both the ABC and BBC following the popularity of A Round the Twist in the UK. The story followed 13-year-old Penelope Townes, who discovered an opal whilst exploring the attic inside her family’s old mansion. Of course along with the opal came father and son genie duo, Bruce and Baz. The pair had been living for 130 years inside the opal longing to go home to Australia. Bruce and Baz had the ability to grant Penelope wishes ,which would often have disastrous consequences.

The Biz The Biz was a BBC show set at Markov's School of Dance and Drama and followed the lives of the various students who took centre stage. While that sounds totally lame take a listen to the starting song and you’ll remember just how amazing it was.

Ready or Not

Ready or Not was the 90’s Canadian series which followed the lives of teenage school friends, girly-girl Amanda Zimm and tomboy, Busy Ramone. The show touched on many awkward teenage moments like when the girls first got their period and the time they had to shop for their first bras. The series ran from 1993 too 1997.

The Wayne Manifesto The Australian children’s show centred around the main character Wayne Wilson and showed the world as he knew as, as well as how he’d like it to be. The TV show was based on novels by David McRobbie and aired from 1996 to 1997 weekdays at 5pm on the ABC.


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