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The Cast of 'Too Hot To Handle's' Day Jobs Revealed...

When you watch a show like Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' it's hard to believe the contestants even have jobs, after revealing so many sordid details about themselves.

Or maybe it's more the assumption their nine to five will almost certainly cease due to their antics on the show, or their budding new career as influencers.

Anyway, we've compiled a list of every contestant's job... and some are pretty surprising.

David Birtwistle If you thought David couldn’t keep a shirt on, on Too Hot to Handle, you should check out his Instagram. A quick stalk on social media reveals he’s the founder of performance coaching company Endeavour Life for fitness training and nutrition planning. Explains the bod… He also works as a Nike Training ambassador on social media.

Matthew Smith - aka Jesus

It might surprise you to discover that Matthew is an entrepreneur. He is the COO of brand agency Dream Katchers Enterprise, as well as president of brand M8W. He's also dabbled in some acting, being cast in shows such as New Girl and The Young and the Restless. The Colorado local also wrote a children's book.

Sharron Townsend

So... as you may have assumed Sharron is a model and actor. A quick google confirms he was also crowned Mr. Pennsylvannia in the 2018 Mr. United States pageant. Ummm... did anyone know that was a thing!?

Kelz Dyke

You may have been mistaken for thinking Kelz was actually an accountant... but he's really a senior consultant for life science firm Proclinical. The Londoner also plays American Football.

Harry Jowsey

The Australian born contestant is now living in LA and works as an influencer with over 440k followers on Instagram. He's also added clothing line creator to his bio, to capitalise on his new found Netflix fame, having launched a brand featuring his own catchphrases on them... ummm.... no thanks.

Rhonda Paul

Rhonda works as the CEO and founder of brand PureluXX. You go girl!

Hayley Cureton

It may surprise avid viewers of TOTH to discover Hayley is in fact a geography student. This comes as a shock after she commented that she had no idea where Australia is during an interview on the show. Aside from study, Hayley works as a model in Jacksonville.

Francesca Farago

As mention on the show, Francesca works as a model. She's also a huge influencer with close to 1m followers on Instagram. In true influencer style Francesca recently released her own swim line called, Farago the Label.

Nicole O'Brien

The Ireland born beauty currently works as an account executive in London for publishing company HPCi Media.

Chloe Veitch

As mentioned on the show, Chloe works as a model in Essex.


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