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Harry from Netflix's Too Hot to Handle's Reveals Reality TV Past

Move over Tiger King, there’s a new Netflix series that’s got everyone talking. Too Hot to Handle is a mix between Love Island and Love is Blind with one big twist. Contestants have the chance to win $100,000 but must re frame from kissing, heavy petting or engaging in any sexual activity, otherwise the prize money will be deducted.  The US series features Australia’s own Harry Joswey, who might look a little familiar to viewers. The 22-year-old model was previously a contestant on New Zealand’s Heartbreak Island in 2018 and won $100,000 with then-girlfriend, Georgia Bryers. 

The Aussie is reaping all the benefits of his appearance on the show, with 417k followers on Instagram.

His recent TV win might explain his lack of care at depleting the Too Hot to Handle prize pool. He was the first to break the rules with model Francesca Farago and went on to cause more damage to the kitty. 'I feel like from day one, we hit it off. For me, it was like love at first sight - I was infatuated with her,' he said. 'And even the fact those rules were announced, I knew I still wanted to pursue it. 'Everyone got a little bit scared and taken back, because they didn't want to lose the opportunity to win that money by potentially slipping up, but I thought, "You know what? I'm here for her."' There was nowhere to hide inside the villa, with security system ‘Lana’ and her 60 plus cameras.

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