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Ariana Grande Reveals Two New Tattoos

Ariana Grande has added to her extensive collection of tattoos, revealing two never-before-seen butterflies on her arm.

The popstar posted a selfie to Instagram yestday showing off the new additions, while promoting her upcoming single, Stuck With U, featuring Justin Bieber, which drops on Friday.

Ariana Grande first teased the tattoo back in January on the Grammy’s red carpet, when we got a sneak peek of the insect peeking out from her long, sheer glove.

While she keeps most of her designs well hidden by her signature ponytail and long gloves, the new ink joins a massive collection which currently includes over 50 tattoos.

(Credit Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

From dainty and cute finger tattoos to larger more intricate designs, the ‘Thank U Next’ singer is quickly becoming the queen of chic tattoos.

Many of the designs have been created by her go-to New York tattoo artists, Mira Mariah. The signer's worker bee tattoo behind her ear pays homage to the City of Manchester following the tragic arena bombing, while the moon and stars on her hand signify being named the Billboard’s Woman of the Year.

(Courtesy Ariana Grande Twitter)

(Courtesy Ariana Grande Instagram)

Not all of her tattoos have gone to plan, with Grande forced to modify a Japanese symbol she got inked on her hand. Instead of the symbol signifying her song, ‘7 Rings,’ her tattoo read ‘shichirin,’ a Japanese charcoal grill.

(Credit twitter/ariana_japan)


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