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You Won't Believe Which RHOM Star Just Popped Up In An Episode of 'Popstars' From The Year 2000

Fans of the Real Housewives of Melbourne may be shocked to discover that former housewife, Jackie Gilles, appeared on another reality show before making it big. Footage of Gilles has surfaced online, from an episode of the hit reality show Popstars and we’re loving every second of it. The clip which was filmed in the year 2000, shows an 18-year-old Gilles sitting next to former Bardot member, Tiffani Wood, as they wait for their chance to audition. The psychic medium is seen going into full ‘shine’ mode belting out her rendition of Aretha Franklin's 'Respect', while Wood is seen covering her face. It’s unclear whether Gilles and Wood were friends, or merely strangers who had met in line.

Vision courtesy of Popstars Australia.

The clip was shown during an episode of Popstars, which was recently uploaded to Youtube, called ‘The Unseen Auditions.’

The episode shows winners, Katie Underwood, Tiffani Wood, Sally Polihronas, Sophie Monk and Belinda Chapple sitting down for lunch with Popstar judges Jackie O, Chris Moss, and Michael Napthali, as they watch the unseen audition.

Gilles has gone on to bigger and better things, becoming a star on The Real Housewives of Melbourne. The rejection of Popstars doesn't appear to have phased her at all.

Gilles released her own song entitled ‘Shine It Up’ in 2017. The catchy track was played during her inspirational ‘Shine It Up’ tours, which saw her travel the country delivering psychic readings and motivational speeches to her fans. Gilles is married to Ben Gillies who is best known as the drummer of Australian rock band Silverchair. We’d love to hear what Ben thought of his wife's rendition.

You can watch the full episode here:


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