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You Won't Believe What the English Dub Actors of Money Heist Actually Look Like

Spanish crime drama Money Heist has captivated audiences worldwide becoming one of Netflix’s most popular originals of all-time.

The key to its international success has been the streamer’s investment in high-quality dubbing. In April 2019, Netflix created a new position, Creative Manager for English Dubbing, promoting one of its dubbing supervisors, David McClafferty into the position.

Among his first jobs was hiring a new voice acting department for season 3 of Money Heist, with the first two seasons copping criticism for being ‘lip-flapping’.

The show, known as La Casa De Papel in Spain, had become such a hit on the international stage so quickly, it needed to improve the viewing experience for global audiences.

After successfully dubbing the third season, the streamer made the uncommon decision to re-dub the first two original series with the new director and cast.

The dub actors hired by McClafferty treat the voice-over work like real scenes. The actor, Hollie Sokol, who voices Tokyo, even wears a red jumpsuit when recording, just like her characters wears on the show. THE DUBBING PROCESS

In instances where the foreign cast’s English is good, Netflix hires the original actors to record the English dubbing, however, this was not the case for Money Heist. Instead, McClafferty was tasked with casting the right voice talent that matched the voice of the characters. It is extremely important the dubbing voice sounds believably, as if it is coming from the actor on the screen.

Another integral part of the dubbing process is translating the script into the local language, in this case English.

The translation of course impacts upon the on-screen actor’s lip movement, so the director and translator work together to adapt the dialogue to fit the timing.

A creative dubbing supervisor also works with local partners to construct dub guidelines to make sure they do not lose the creative intent.


The most shocking part of the Money Heist dub cast, is how similar some of the actors look to their on-screen counterparts. Lisbon’s original actor and dub actor look like sisters!

(LR) Original actor Úrsula Corberó and dub actor Hollie Sokol


(LR) Original actor Miguel Herran and dub actor Ryan Rickard


(LR) Original actor Jaime Lorente and dub actor Mike C. Manning


(LR) Original actor Alba Flores and dub actor Jessy Katz


(LR) Original Actor Darko Peric and dub actor Timmy Red


(LR) Original actor Pedro Alonso and dub actor Assaf Cohen


(LR) Original actor Paco Tous and dub actor Mark Ivanir


(LR) Original actor Roberto Garcia Ruiz and dub actor Joe Ochman


(LR) Original actor Esther Acebo and dub actor Tamar Pelzig


(LR) Original actor Alvaro Morte and dub actor Edan Moses


(LR) Original actor Itziar Ituño and dub actor Ayelet Zurer


(LR) Original actor Rodrigo de la Serna and dub actor Jamison Jones



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