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You Won't Believe What Steph Claire Smith's Ex Did

(Credit Marie Claire)

Fitness mogul Steph Claire Smith made a startling revelation when she joined former Bachelor contestant Abbie Chatfield on her podcast, It's A lot.

The Keep It Cleaner co-founder revealed her first boyfriend cheated on her during her teenage years.

“I’ve actually been cheated on before by my partner, before my long term partner Josh.

"I was with him for about two and a half years and he was cheating on me," said Steph.

What the f*ck is wrong with this guy!?

The model made the admission whilst answering a listener's question about cheating and being the other woman.

(Credit Steph Claire Smith's Instagram)

In the best tea we've heard all quarantine, the twenty-six-year-old confessed it was actually her now husband Josh that told her of her ex's deceitful ways.

Abbie asked, "Were you told you were cheated on? By him or the girl?"

Steph revealed, "No, so I found out by other individuals... actually one individual. I found out from my current husband, he told me," laughed Steph.

"But, I then started to hear it from everyone else so it was weird how everyone all of a sudden just started to open up about it after it had been happening for so long."

Steph and her husband Josh Miller tied the knot late last year, after being together for seven years.

(Credit Vogue)

The childhood sweethearts first met at the Murray River in 2006 when Steph was 12-year-old after her family purchased a holiday house beside Josh's family.

Steph said after years of having a crush on her neighbour, eventually the two started dating.

Is anyone else living for the fact that Josh was Steph's knight in shinning armour!? Could they get any cuter?!

(Credit Steph Claire Smith's Instagram)

Steph said she held some resentment towards the 'other woman.'

"I wanted to know if she (the other woman) knew and she did and that kind of pissed me off to be honest. That was kind of like, come on mate girl code."

While Steph advised the lister to confess to the cheating, she said some admissions should be met with caution.

"Even throughout mine and Josh’s relationship because of Instagram and it being public, I’ve had the odd DM where it’s like I’ve hooked up with your boyfriend last night and it was like ahh I was with my boyfriend last night so, you know, nice try," said Steph.


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