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You Won’t Believe What Kylie Jenner’s F*ck Off New $36.5M Mansion Looks Like

If the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t a kick in the dick enough, check out Kylie Jenner’s new digs.

The makeup mougel just cemented herself as number-one daughter to Momager Kris Jenner, dropping $36.5 million on a luxury compound in Holmby Hills, California… Yep, that’s right COMPOUND! This place is so big it’s got its own postcode.

Who would’ve thought the simple act of pumping filler into your lips at 16 would result in you becoming the world’s youngest ‘self-made’ billionaire? LIFE IS UNFAIR.

For those of you playing at home, this isn’t Kylie’s first palatial mansion. The youngest and richest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan already owns and lives in a $12.5 million home in Hidden Hills, as well as owning an investment property in Beverly Homes with baby daddy, Travis Scott...Tiger must be kicking himself big time.

But where does she holiday you may ask? Because I know I would totally get sick of hanging out in my extravagant mansion all day… Well don’t worry your pretty little mind because Kyls also has a vacation home in Palm Springs…. PHEW!

Back to the fuck off COMPOUND in Holmby Hills… It features four separate houses, seven bedrooms and 14 bathrooms (almost one for every Kardashian), multiple bars, chef’s kitchen, game rooms, gym, all-star sports court, swimming pool, outdoor projection screen, indoor home theatre, 20 parking spaces and a 24/7 guard house.

Fortunately, the billionaire got the property at a STEAL because it was originally advertised at $45 million… THANK FUCK, we wouldn’t want her having to go and exploit her own child to create a new range of must-have cosmetic…. Hang on.


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