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Jarrod's hair dye disaster: You won't believe what he looks like

Bachelorette suitor Jarrod Woodgate is the latest z-grader to fall victim to the latest iso hair-trend.

Aiming for a ‘silver fox’ look, the 34-year-old vineyard manager’s hair was bleached to an inch of its’ life on Wednesday night by his new girlfriend Sam Royce.

It wasn’t just a one-women job, with Sam joined by her housemate and former Bachelor contestant Renee Barrett, as well as entertainment reporters Justin Hill and Jamie Doran providing support on the phone.

Prior to the at home salon disaster, Jarrod told his followers he was uneasy about the treatment.

“I’m kind of panicking because all day they have been talking so much smack about how concerned they are,” he said.

“And they have been making me very nervous about it.”

Image courtesy of Jarrod Woodgate's Instagram

The mishap played out on Jarrod’s Instagram story, which included the reality contestant’s hair turning green before the bleached mess was revealed.

Sam was optimistic, comparing her new beau’s look to ‘Slim Shady’, however Renee was more honest saying he looked like a, ‘big juicy apricot’.

Image courtesy of Jarrod Woodgate's Instagram

However, by this afternoon the former pot plant lover was looking more like a grandmother with a purple rinse through his hair… Suppose it’s closer to silver… kind of.

Image courtesy of Jarrod Woodgate's Instagram

The former Bachelor in Paradise cast member is social isolating with Sam in the Northern Territory, rather than at his family vineyard in Victoria. He arrived just days before the Coronavirus pandemic forced the borders to close.

Jarrod is certainly smitten calling Sam his forever,

“I see more of a future now than ever with this one. We’re both very happy,” Jarrod said.

Prior to his relationship with Sam, Jarrod was in an on-again-off-again relationship with Bachelor favourite Kiera Maguire.

The pair met on season one of Bachelor in Paradise in 2018, but broke up twice, with Jarrod blaming Keira’s Instagram obsession as driving a wedge between them.


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