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You Won't Believe This Year's Hottest Fashion Trend..

No one would have ever expected when we ventured into a shiny, new decade that the world as we knew it would be turned upside down.

Saturday nights spent on the town have been replaced with board game battles, our Instagram feeds are bursting with home cooked meals and somehow shaving your head at home now seems chic.

It seems only fitting… and fair that the biggest silver lining to come out of these tough times is that matching track suits are finally in Vogue.

(Courtesy Splash News)

As we’ve ventured further into isolation, tracksuits, activewear and sleepwear has slowly but surely become our daily uniform as we work from home.

Celebrities and influencers have been leading the matching tracksuit trend in isolation, hitting Instagram to show off their latest looks.

Emily Ratajkowski, Hayley Beiber and Kylie Jenner are just some of the high-profile women who have made luxe loungewear a key staple of their off-duty uniform.

(Courtesy AZ/

(Courtesy Kylie Jenner's Instagram.)

The mass popularisation of luxe tracksuits began in the early 2000s with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashain, making velvet two-pieces chic as Juicy Couture exploded onto the scene.

(Courtesy Splash News)

In 2020, a top-to-toe matching set is a must-have, with brands like The Row and Raey, the epitome of fashion.

Below, are stylish tracksuits that are not only perfect for home but deserve a public outing too.

(Courtesy The Row)

(Courtesy of Raey)

(Courtesy Cotton On)

(Courtesy Billabong)

(Courtesy Iconic)


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