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You Won't Believe How Much MAFS Michael Goonan Spent On Private Jet For He And KC...

Michael Goonan was one of the most controversial contestants on this year’s series of Married At First Sight, due to his boisterous personality and involvement in an alleged cheating scandal.

Yesterday the he 29-year-old also set tongues wagging after sharing photos of himself and new MAFS girlfriend KC Osborne, flying in a private jet between Sydney and Melbourne. The return flight is rumored to have cost the Adelaide businessman a whopping $9,000.

During his time on MAFS, Michael candidly shared details about his million dollar property in Adelaide and his gold Rolex. Yet not much is really known about Michael's family's wealth, until now.

The Goonan family made the move from Scotland to Australia when Michael was just eight years of age. Michael’s father previously owned a chain of nursing homes in the UK and decided to launch an online grocery business after arriving in South Australia.

Unfortunately, the business failed to take off, so in 2004 Michael’s father took a risk and purchased a small local business called Reliable Ice. His gamble paid off. The family renamed the business Adelaide Ice and built it into South Australia’s largest ice manufacturing and packaging business.

According to Michael, he began working for the family business before his 13th birthday.

'I can't remember a week since when I was 12 when I wasn't working. I'm the director of a cold-storage and food manufacturing business,' he revealed during the first episode of MAFS.

'When I was 24 years old, I was able to afford a property over one million dollars,' he continued. The family businesses isn’t Michael’s only source of income. Due to his travel commitments, he rents out his $1.1 million property on Airbnb, pocketing a tidy $1,000 a night.

He also launched a wine label three month before filming MAFS, called Australian Sapphire Enterprises with his friend Calvin Daniels, which he and his new MAFS partner, KC Osborne have been promoting on Instagram. It’s understood the company donates 50% of profits made to 'charities and causes of need'.  


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