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You Will Cry When You Find Out How Much The Top Tik Tokers Are Making... WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K

If you thought Tik Tok was some stupid tween dancing app that you didn’t want to be apart of, you may just want to pull out your dancing shoes and get practicing your lip syncing, after seeing how much Tik Tokers get paid.

Party Casino has revealed what the top Tik Tok stars are taking home in paid sponsored posts and we actually feel like crying. According to Party Casino Tik Tok’s top earner is 16-year-old Charlie Damelio who has over 47m followers. For just one sponsored post she’s said to take home over $73k.

Loren Gray can ask for at least $67k a post for sharing content to her 42m followers and someone like Kristen Hancher who has 23m followers can demand around $37k.

Who knew lip-synching and dancing would ever be so profitable?


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