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We Can't Believe What Michael Goonan Just Listed On Ebay... And It Already Has 7 Bids... WTF

With so much made of Michael Goonan’s wealth, it may surprise you to discover that the ice (the frozen stuff) mogul has turned to selling on Ebay. What you may ask? Well, his MAFS wedding ring and smashed wedding photo of he and Stacey of course! The item has already received 7 bids and stands at $610 with over 3 days remaining. We’re just baffled that 7 people would actually want the item.

His listing follows fellow MAFS groom, Josh Pihlak's, decision to put his ring and portrait with ex-'wife' Cathy Evans up for sale, which sold for $18,101…WTF!

The best news is Josh donated all the proceedings to the MND Foundation for motor neurone disease support and research. Sadly, Josh lost his cousin to motor neurone disease. It’s hoped Michael will do the same and donate to a charity close to his heart.


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