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Too Hot To Handle's Harry Jowsey Reveals He'd Like To Be The Bachelor

Too Hot to Handle’s Harry Jowsey has just revealed he has his eyes set on another reality show.

News broke last month that the fan favourite had appeared on New Zealand’s Heartbreak Island, before joining the cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle.

Now, Harry told the Kyle and Jacki O show it was his dream to become the Bachelor.

“It’s honestly always been at the back of my mind that I would love to be the Bachelor,” Harry said.

If you just spat out your tea wondering whether that means his budding relationship with co-star, Francesca Fargo, is over, be rest assured it's not.

Harry went on to say that while it was a goal of his, it's not something he would do right now after meeting his 'dream girl.'

“Me and Francesca are more than perfect and she’s my “dream girl”,” Harry said.

“It wouldn’t really feel right if I was in a relationship and tried to do that. It wouldn’t be a good look either.”

No... it wouldn't be.


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