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This Youtuber Let Her Mum Ask Her The MOST Embarrassing Questions EVER…And She Answered All But One

An English Youtuber has let her mum ask her arguably the awkward and embarassing questions EVER on camera.

In the video entitled 'My mum asks me questions your mum is too afraid to ask you' Youtuber Saffron Barker is seen sitting in her bed with her mum as she sets out to answer the questions no mother should hear.

The Youtube followers an earlier video with the mother and daughter, in which Saffron asked her mum a similar bunch of questions.

While the questions came from Saffron's followers and not her mum, her mother did throw in a few of her own near the end.

The first question read 'have you ever had a crush on one of your parent’s friends?'... Saffron gingerly answered, 'yes,' to her mum's horror.

In the 16 minute long video, Saffron also divulged she'd previously lied to her parents about her whereabouts when she was high school, revealed she's had a one night stand, confessed to receiving nude photos but denied sending any and said she lost her virginity at 15 years of age. The most awkward moment was when the pair bonded about losing it at the same age.... ieeek...

However there was one question both mother and daughter agreed was too far... 'do you have any sex toys.' That's definitely a question we don't want to hear the answer to.

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