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The Truth About The 'Dog C**t' Comment Finally Revealed...

Former Bachelor contestant, Monique Morley, who is best known for calling Bachelor, Matt Agnew, a ‘dog c**t’ during last year’s season of The Bachelor, has hinted the whole controversy may have been set up… Who would have thought!?…

During an interview on Youtuber, Christie Swadling’s, channel, the 27-year-old revealed she felt like an ‘idiot’ following the airing of the controversy and was frustrated she couldn’t reveal the truth.

'For me personally, with the whole dog c**t scandal, we're under contract to not talk about production, producers, behind the scenes, so we're not allowed to say anything,' Monique said. 

'So when these things came up on camera, and I'm not allowed to be like, "oh well f**k that the producers said this and has set up this conversation," I can't say that, so I look like an idiot.

'Everyone was like, "Oh Mon, she's just a liar." I know I'm a loyal person, a good person and down to earth and I didn't need to prove that to anybody else,' Monique said.  

'And I think that when you start to have to prove yourself to other people, that's your downfall. Be your authentic self and that's how you get through it.' 

While Monique said the show wasn’t scripted, she did reveal some conversation topics were set up by producers during filming.

Monique has always claimed the comments were a joke that were taken out of context. Interestingly, the video has since been deleted from Youtube.


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