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The Grew Up In The 90's Starter Pack

1. MSN

Way before Instagram and Facebook took over our lives, MSN Messenger reigned supreme. Introduced by Microsoft in 1999, it was the only way to stay connected to your friends in the early 00’s. If you weren't changing your name to cryptic song lyrics, or appearing offline then online to catch your crush’s attention, did you really grow up in the 90's?

2. Motorola Raza V3

Nothing will ever beat the Motorola Raza V3… It was the first mobile phone of its time to become a fashion accessory with its ultra-sleek design and colour to match every outfit. Who else desperately misses slamming their flip phone shut to end an argument?!

3. Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips were the epitome of cool in the 90’s… All the biggest stars of the donned them, from the Olsen twins to Melissa Joan Hart and Britney Spears. If you didn’t spend hours in your bathroom before school perfectly arranging you butterfly clips, can you really call yourself a 90’s girl?

4. Sea Monkeys

If you weren’t allowed a dog or cat growing up, chances are your parents shut you up with some Sea Monkeys! Shock horror, the novelty aquarium pets were not actually monkeys, but they did come from the sea. The brine shrimp were thought of as mere fish food for many years until the man who also invented X-Ray Specs got his hands on them.

5. Pizza rounder

A staple in the school canteen, the pizza rounder was the ultimate lunch order option. These pockets of goodness, were filled with delicious pizza fillings and surrounded by the softest, mouth-watering dough. For anyone who wants to relive their primary school days, you can find pizza roundas at Aldi.

6. Bath Beads

Who could forget those squishy, little balls full of bath oil that came in all different colours, scents and shapes!? Remember how your rich friend would actually use them in the bath? Mine were clearly decorative.


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