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The Bizarre Way Former Love Islander Turned Influencer Keeps Her Bathers Looking Picture Perfect

Former Love Islander Josh Moss has revealed the secrets behind how his influencer girlfriend Amelia Marni gets her bikini pics looking oh so perfect. Josh shared a hilarious videos of his 23-year-old girlfriend sitting on the floor in a white bikini attempting to take a photo of herself in the mirror.

The video shows just how fickle the Instagram world is as Amelia sits in front of a reflector and light.

While this looks like your normal influencer shoot, the video reveals Amelia using a scrunchie to hold up her g-string bather bottoms.

“She's got the portable light, she's moved the mirror off the wall, she has a gold sheet and there's a hair band in her bikini. So natural, so candid, no effort at all,' Josh joked.

Apparently it's the 23-year-old's go to hack to keep the front of her bather bottoms on point.

Check out the hilarious video below.


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