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The BIG Twist Coming To MAFS Next Year...

It's only been a few weeks since MAFS 2020 came to an end and no TV show has come close to filling the gaping hole MAFS has left behind. However, our excitement has been lifted as the suggestion MAFS could return next year with an All Star series.

Reports have begun circulating that producers have reached out to former MAFS contestants and celebrities to gauge interest in a potential All Stars/Celebrity series. It’s not surprising, due to the success of Survivor All Stars and Master Chef All Stars. Rumours have it that contestants such as Nasser Sultan, Tracey Jewel, and Mikey Pembroke have all been contacted. It’s a little awkies as many MAFS contestants have gone on to bag out the reality show and producers, so there should be some interesting backtracking by some former contestants looking to extend that extra 15 minutes of fame.

Recently NW revealed a "leaked" text from expert John Aiken where he mentioned they were debating what an All Stars series could look like.

If this is a thing, we honestly can't wait!


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