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The Big, Exciting Change Coming To Gogglebox

There are rumours circulating that Gogglebox is set to release a celebrity spin-off series and we can’t contain our excitement! According to publication TV Blackbox, Foxtel was in the planning phase pre-rona but the pandemic threw a spanner in the works.

However, the spin-off is set to air in September, with producers taking all the right precautions to ensure the cast’s safety.

One name currently being thrown around is Jackie O after her stint on the Masked Singer. We think she'd be amazing. Plus why not throw Kyle in there too!

Filming for the original Gogglebox is currently underway. The fact there is little involvement between the stars and the film crew and producers makes production possible.

The publication reports that the stars sit in one room while the film crew and producers sit in another. And for those wondering... a static camera records everything.


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