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The Awkward Moment Steve Cook's Girlfriend Reveals She First Met Him As A Fan At A Meet & Greet

Growing up we all dreamed of dating our celebrity crush, but sadly our one-sided love affairs never became a reality. However, one lucky Australian is giving us all renewed hope after snagging Biggest Loser trainer and Gym Shark athlete, Steve Cook, as her boyfriend. Fitness fans will know, Morgan Rose Moroney, the Aussie Gym Shark athlete with over 689k followers on Instagram. While she's now a celebrity in her own right, we did have to giggle when the pair revealed how they'd actually first met. The couple, who are currently self-isolating together in Utah with Steve’s gorgeous dog Hobs, started daring last year after Steve attended at Gym Shark event in Sydney.

While most thought that’s where the couple met, Cook shocked fans in Moroney’s sit-down ‘Couple Q&A’ on Youtube when he revealed they’d actually met over 6 years earlier at a meet and greet in Australia, which Moroney attended as a fan.

Moroney, who at 23-years-of-age is 12 years Cook's junior, meet him at an at Optimum Nutrition Event on the Gold Coast when she was just 17.

Cook brought up the meet and greet, to Moroney's displeasure, during the Q&A after fans asked how they'd met. Clearly embarrassed, Mororney admitted she'd attended the meet and greet with her then boyfriend.

While Moroney squirmed, Cook seemed to find the whole thing funny and admitted he didn't remember her at all.

"I didn’t remember her then probably because she had boyfriend and she was a minor," he joked.

These two are sooo good together!


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