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Steph Claire Smith’s important announcement

Fitness mogul Steph Claire Smith interrupted her aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed with an important PSA.

The Keep It Cleaner co-founder appeared to be having one of those iso days yesterday, where nothing seemed to go right… Who else can relate?

She got up at 6.30am to livestream her workout to her loyal followers, but struggled for hours with technical issues.

Rather than chucking her iPhone against the wall, instead the Adidas Ambassador shared a poignant message with her 1.6 million followers.

“It’s normal to be self-critical, it’s normal to doubt yourself at times, to want to better yourself… but don’t forget to also be there for yourself, to celebrate yourself and your achievements.

“Whilst we are our own worst critic, we need to also be a cheerleader for ourselves not just for others.

“Do not confuse confidence with vanity.”

The comments follow the model opening up about her own personal struggles a few weeks ago on the podcast she co-hosts with business partner and best friend Laura Henshaw.

During an interview on the KIC Pod with Abbie Chatfield, Steph sympathised with the Bachelor alumni over the trolling she receives when sharing revealing photos.

“I certainly have had my own struggles with that over this whole transition from going from a full-time model to now someone who is someone who’s trying to inspire and motivate young women.

“One of my most common troll comments or DM I get are from people saying I shouldn’t be a voice for young women because I put up half naked photos of myself or that I put myself out there for as you get, for men.

“It hurts me because it did make me question the things that I like doing. I still love modelling and I still love putting up that stuff.

“And I love when I can feel proud of myself and my body and put it out there because I wasn’t always super confident in my body. I didn’t always have that confidence to be like yeah, I think I look great there and I want to put that out there because I feel good.

“So, it gets really hard when someone bites you in that spot because you’ve had those insecurities,” she said.

Umm Steph that's called jealousy... You keep being you, you majestic queen.

Photo from Steph Claire Smith's Instagram

The face of Bondi Sands continued to be real on her Instagram story today, sharing that she too picks at her pimples… Not sure if we could get any more of a girl crush on her if we tried.


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