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Stacey Bids Farewell To Her OTT Lip Fillers

Married At First Sight’s Stacey Hampton will be sporting a much smaller pout from now on after revealing she’s had her lips filler dissolved. The 26-year-old enlisted the help of an Adelaide based cosmetic nurse, who injected a dissolving agent into the reality contestant's lips, which was all captured on camera.

The mum-of-two revealed she'd been getting lip filler since she was 18 but had stopped a year and a half ago after becoming concerned the filler made her lips look ‘too puffy.’ She said she had hoped the filler would dissolve naturally on its own, but enlisted the help of a professional in March when it failed to do so.

"Some days they look massive, depending on my water intake or the weather, there are so many contributing factors. So I'm getting them dissolved today,” Stacey revealed in the video. The Adelaide cosmetic nurse explained that overtime filler can move and it’s perfectly normal for it to do so.

Stacey’s lips were a constant talking point by fans of the show who often commented on the changing nature of her lips from episode to episode. “My lips fluctuate in size depending on water intake and how I've lined and glossed them. It depends on the time of day, too. “Which is why I've now decided to remove the filler altogether to avoid the change in size looking ridiculous,” she told the Daily Mail.


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