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Sooo... We Have Proof Bachie's Ciarran Stott And Tully Smyth Are Totally Dating...

With not much to do these days but sit, scroll and Insta-stalk, we discovered Bachelorette fave, Ciarran Stott and former Big Brother contestant turned influencer, Tully Smyth, are totally dating.

While the news is a tad awkie for Channel Ten, who have already been promoting Cirran's apperance in this year's Bachelor in Paradise, we 100% approve of this romance.

Earlier this year Ciarran made the move from Darwin to Melbourne, moving in with fellow Bachie star, Timm Hanly.

Tully just happens to also live in Melbourne and the pair began exchanging very flirty banter around 2 months ago. This is around the same time Bachelor in Paradise wrapped. Now let's get into the Insta-evidence...

On the 7th of March Ciarran shared a photo of he and Todd to Instagram with the following caption: "Since moving to Melbourne you have taken me in and under your wing! Can’t thank you enough lad! 💯 love you to bits 🖤👯‍♂️ @timmhanly."

Tully commented love hearts and Ciarran replied with a love heart eye emoji.

Then on the 20th of March, Ciarran shared a post saying how much he loved living in Melbourne and Tully commented: "And we love having you!" with a kissing face emoji. Ciarran replied: "Oh fanks boo" with a kissing emoji.

The flirty nature of the comments began to increase on the 22nd of March, with Tully commenting on Ciarran's post: "You had me at Pinot noir" with a love heat eyes emoji. He responded "Love a cheeky Pinot Noir" with a kissing face emoji.

Three days later Tully commented "Baby blues" 💙. Ciarran responded with "💙🙋🏼‍♂️."

Then on the 3rd of April, Ciarran uploaded a post advertising Koala Beds and wrote: "I never want to leave my @koala bed the sheets feel absolutely unreal too! Who’s up for a sleepover ? 🐨 Tully responded:"Nah, I heard you hog the bed." Ciarran replied: "Fake news!"

The next piece of evidence is confirmation from Tully that she's taken the majority of Ciarran's Insta uploads from the past two months.

Example A:

Example B:

Example C:

On the post from the 8th of April, the former Big Brother contestant commented: "Another fucking masterpiece." Another follower of Ciarran's replied below writing: "You're obsessed with this guy ay," to which she responded: "I took the photo 'ay'."

Then there's this major piece of evidence... a pic of Ciarran in the bath, which we're assuming Tully took. Under the photo Tully commented "You look puffed...?" Ciarran responded: "Hard day in the bath," to which Tully replied: "I can't even imagine."

Just yesterday another photo popped up which Tully took ownership for, which looks to be at some sort of resort. It appears the photo is taken from the same day Ciarran was photographed in the bath as he's sporting the same nail polish and bracelet.

Sooo... we can conclude that we have WAY too much time on our hands and Ciarran and Tully are totes dating. We're expecting them to go public just as Bachelor in Paradise wraps up.


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