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Shock MAFS Pairing

It’s the bizarre MAFS relationship we didn’t see coming. After a lackluster finale on Sunday night, we thought we’d seen the end of the drama that was MAFS 2020.

However, NW magazine proved us wrong when it dropped it’s latest copy on Monday, revealing bad boy, Michael Goonan, and former dancer, KC Osborne, were now an item. In what has to be the most tacky and staged paparazzi shots of 2020, the pair are seen canoodling on a somewhat empty Melbourne street.

If their fake gazes and attention seeking hugs aren’t enough to take in, the pair are also seen squirting hand sanitiser on one anothers' palms.

Our guess is they couldn’t stand to cop anymore backlash from being out and about during a pandemic. We wonder if posing for fake paparazzi shots is considered a reason for essential travel? Alongside the staged pics is confirmation from the couple themselves that they are in fact and item and are very much in love.

Michael revealed KC has already met his son, and they’ve talked about having children of their own together. According to the interview, Michael and KC have decided to self-isolate together in Michael’s Melbourne apartment. 

Die-hard MAFS fans will recall Michael’s work dilemma, which required him to spend a few months in Melbourne away from his hometown of Adelaide.

We’re guessing if Michael’s home, which was extensively featured during home town dates, is anything to go by, his Melbourne pad shouldn’t be too shabby.

KC addressed the recent revelations on her Instagram story on Tuesday, following comments from popular MAFS bride, Elizabeth, that their relationship was just a way for Michael to get back at Stacey. “So the news is out today, I wanted to post about it over the next couple of days,” KC told fans on Instagram. “It’s very disappointing to hear her say that Michael’s just with me out of revenge… Like I said, Michael and I had no intentions of getting together. The first time I met up with him for a drink was a month after the show and he was with a girl. “Our friendship just blossomed from there,” she added. “Drew knew. Drew was supportive and I just more people were more supportive instead of throwing shade on my new relationship. “Sometimes things just happen. I didn’t plan this. i didn’t set out to hurt anyone’s feelings,” KC went on to say. “I’m genuinely happy and have found someone that I want to be with.”

KC's former TV hubby, Drew is also said the be extremely happy for his former bride, saying he hopes things work out for the new couple.

Michael was arguably the most talked about MAFS contestant of the year, after he controversially cheated on, on-screen wife, Stacey, with fellow MAFS alumni, Hayley. Michael denied sharing a drunken kiss with Hayley and surprisingly his then-wife Stacey bought it hook line and sinker. The rest of Australia did not.


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