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RHOM Star Gamble Breaux Announces Big Surprise

The latest series of Real Housewives of Melbourne may have been put on hold due to the spread of Covid-19, but popular housewife Gamble Breaux isn’t letting isolation rain on her parade.

The 46-year-old reality star turned singer, was supposed to be shooting her new video clip this week, for her single ‘Classy’ but social isolation restrictions spelt the end of that.

Instead, Gamble is set to release her new song via a listening party in her lounge room, which fans can virtually be a part of this Friday on April 17th.

Gamble says her motivation for releasing her new song early, is to cheer fans up who may be feeling lonely and frustrated by the new social distancing measures.

“Housewives has been put on hold for a little longer. I’ve got a body of work that will be coming out on an album when we go to air and I just thought I’d release one of the songs early to cheer people up,” she said.

Gamble wrote the song whilst holidaying at the Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast last year with her husband Rick Wolfe.

‘I was lying on a daybed with a shocking hangover in a totally impractical bathing suit. ‘Sophie Monk was filming something on the balcony looking fabulous with friends and I was trying to hide under a hat,” she laughed.

“I just wrote down a whole lot of things that were around me. It was really quite beautiful in a way but kind of weird in another,” Gamble said.

She hopes the song will resonate with those stuck at home in their pyjamas, as the song is all about being a mess but still looking and feeling classy despite what you are wearing.

“I decided on ‘Classy’ because it takes on a whole new meaning. When you’re stuck in self isolation you tend to be stuck in your pyjamas until after midday,”

“It’s silly and I think people could have fun with it in their pyjamas,” she said.

The song follows on from the success of her single 'Fire and Fury' which topped the Australian Stream charts last year.

The decision to release her new music comes off the back of filming of the hit reality show, Real Housewives of Melbourne, being suspended.

“We’re only a little way in. I think it’s going to be an amazing series. We have some very powerful women on this season, some real superstars.

“I think Gina and I have laid down our guns. I’m not really interested in fighting with any of the old girls or anything,” she laughed.

While in isolation the housewives are keeping their interactions minimal via phone. “If we talk too much in isolation it mucks up the show. I’ve kept my contact with them minimal because otherwise the audience won’t be able to keep up and work out what’s going on if we have too much going on off cameras” she said.

It’s hoped as soon as it's safe to resume filming, the Real Housewives of Melbourne will be back entertaining audiences.

“My regrowth is already 3 inches long and my nails are gone,” Gamble joked.

“It’s like we’re going to have to rebuff and polish the face when we begin filming,” she laughed.

“I’ve got a wardrobe of clothes that are going to be three seasons too old the way fashions moves now. I’m like bugger I could have got this all on sale,” said the hilarious housewife.

In the meantime, Gamble is keeping busy singing, as well as channeling her inner stepford wife.

"I’m cleaning the house, I’m cleaning out the fridge a million times, driving my husband a bit nuts. "I ended up drinking too much and doing my jigsaw puzzle last night.

"Just being a nightmare to live with pretty much. I’ve been ironing sheets. I cleaned the fridge out.

The housework’s getting done that’s for sure,” laughed Gamble.

Gamble's new single is available on iTunes.


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