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Paleo Pete's Mind Blowing Salary Revealed As Seven Announces He's Been Axed From MKR

The Seven Network has given Paleo Pete the boot from his $800k a year hosting gig on My Kitchen Rules after more than nine years at the network.

While it’s not a huge surprise, following the flop of a season that was MKR, its decision follows Evan’s company receiving a $25,000 fine from the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The company, Peter Evans Chef Pty Ltd, which Evan is the sole director and company secretary of, was issued two infringement notices after the TGA received a number of complaints about the promotion of a "BioCharger" device.

Evans promoted the device during a live stream on Facebook on April 9. He claimed the $15,000 device could be used in relation to "Wuhan Coronavirus".

The website also claimed the device was "proven to restore strength, stamina, co-ordination and mental clarity” if one sat in front of it for a period of time. The TGA said this claim had no apparent foundation.

According to TV Blackbox, Seven's axing of Evans was an amicable decision. Not surprisingly the publication also claimed the reason for getting rid of Evans was the fact there will be no MKR in the foreseeable future.


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