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News Just Dropped Liam Hemsworth Could Be Eligible To Become The Bachelor Again... Bye Locky!

In 2020 we all know an unfollow on Instagram is basically a big ‘fu*k you.’ Well that’s exactly what’s gone down between Liam Hemsworth and his model girlfriend Gabriella Brooks.

Fans noticed the pair had unfollowed each other on Instagram this week sparking breakup rumours. *A note to all celebrity couples - now is not a good time to be unfollowing each other as we've all got nothing better to do in iso than play detective*

Liam and Gabriella are yet to confirm he rumours but let’s be honest, there’s are a lot of women around the world who are excited by this development. Does this mean we can finally ditch Locky Gilbert as the Bachelor and replace him with Liam? We think yes.

Just for background, Liam and Gabriella started dating in December last year and went public with their relationship in January. It might just be a case of another relationship not working in iso.


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