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Netflix Announce New Tiger King Episode Dropping This Sunday

Finally, a silver-lining to being stuck at home this Easter… Our prayers have been answered with Netflix announcing it will air an ‘after show’ episode of Tiger King this Easter Sunday.

The wildly popular true crime series ended its seven-episode arc with Joe Exotic serving twenty-two-years behind bars for hiring someone to kill his mortal enemy Carole Baskin and animal cruelty charges.

Netflix announced on Thursday that an eighth ‘after show’ episode will be hosted by comedian Joel McHale and will include new interviews with the cast.

McHale will speak to Joe Exotic’s ex-husband John Finlay, Jeff and Lauren Lowe, the producer of Joe’s reality web series Rick Kirkman, former campaign manager Joshua Dial, the former zoo manger John Reinke and former zookeeper Erik Cowie.

Notably absent is the Tiger King himself, with Joe Exotic not allowed to take part in filming as he is still behind bars… despite Donald Trump’s talks of a pardon.

Unsurprising, Carole Baskin will also not appear in the special, with the Big Cat Rescue founder revealing she had not been approached to participate and would not agree to if she were. Alleged cult leader and big cat trainer, Doc Antle is also absent from the line-up.

The South Carolina zookeeper has been critical of the docuseries, calling it a train wreck of entertainment and slamming producers for allegedly misleading him.

Netflix has released a teaser to promote the “eighth installment” which shows host McHale decked out in full Tiger King kit telling viewers it will be “eye-opening and hopefully funny.” Tiger King is steaming on Netflix now.


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