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Meet Instagram's Most Famous Pets

Classic Koby

Classic Kobe is a long-haired Ragdoll from Sydney, who has captured the hearts of his 64k followers. The adorable feline's favourite past times include chasing birds, curling up by the fire and cuddles with his Mama. Kobe also shared his incredibly boujee home with sister Lilly the Burmilla and new addition, Louis the kitten.

Winnie the Cocker

Winnie the Cocker has taken the internet by storm, with her captivating eyes that resemble that of a Disney princess. Her big, hazel-coloured eyes and long fluttery eyelashes are mesmerising. Her unique looks have helped her rack up more than 487k followers on Instagram and record 10.3 million views on a single TikTok post.

Juniper Foxx

More than 2.9 million people follow the live's of North American red foxes, Juniper, Fig and Elmwood. The foxes who were born in captivity were rescued from a fur-farm and now live full, happy lives with their new family. With genetic differences from their wild counterparts, the trio cannot be returned to the wild and now live with other exotic animals in the same boat.

This Girl Is A Squirrel

Jill is a seven year old rescue squirrel from America. This absolutely cutie pie has over 742k followers and loves nothing more than Starbucks and dressing up in party hats and tiaras.

Stryda Moss

Stryda is a blue merle border collie from Western Australia. The three-year-old spends her days on the beach with her influencer dad, Brodie Moss. She is an Instagram star in her own right, attracting more than 75k followers. Stryda shares an uncanny resemblance to Ed the hyena from the Lion King and loves nothing more than getting on the back of a jet-ski or hitting the boat.


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