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Meet Australia's 'Boyfriends Of Instagram'

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Johnathon Sauer Johnathon Sauer has earned himself the title of Australia’s first boyfriend of Instagram. The twenty-eight-year-old rose to notoriety in 2015 when he started dating beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Shani Grimmond.

With a combined social media following of over three million people, almost all of them tweens and teens, Shani is one of Australia’s most powerful influencers.

Johnathon played a pivotal role in Shani’s meteoric rise to fame, with fans captivated by their aspirational relationship and countless ‘couple goal’ photos.

Johnathon who worked as an accountant when he met Shani, gave up his day job to become her manager and try his hand at influencing after amassing 207k followers.

In 2017, the pair’s relationship came crumbling down with Shani sharing a video titled “We Broke Up” which attracted 2 million views.

Eight months later, Shani revealed she had a change of heart, announcing on her YouTube channel they were back together. The video titled ‘Explaining Myself’ generated 1 million views.

Some months later the couple broke up for good and Johnathon has since moved on with YouTuber Maddison Wooley.

Listen to Outspoken to find out more:

The ‘Shani Grimmond Effect’ appears to have well and truly rubbed off, with Johnathon losing 66K followers in the past two years despite actively publicising his new relationship.

According to Social Blade, he is also losing YouTube subscribers by the day, and is now earning a monthly take home from YouTube AdSense of just $15-$241. Tommy Bugg Tommy Bugg is fresh on our radars, as Shani Grimmond’s latest boyfriend. Before dating one of Australia’s biggest YouTube stars, Tommy was forging a career in the AFL.

The promising footballer made his AFL debut in 2012 for Greater Western Sydney where he played four seasons before being traded to Melbourne.

His time at the Demons was marred by several incidents including a shocking one-punch knockout of opponent Callum Mills. Tommy was delisted by Melbourne at the end of 2018 but thrown a life line by Carlton.

Not even three months later and before even playing a game for his new team, Tommy retired from the sport to peruse his Instagram dreams. Tommy owns influencer management agency, Zooz Group, which funnily enough manages Shani (She must have a thing for her managers!).

The 27-year-old hit Instagram to tell his followers his passion for the game had dwindled as his focus increasingly turned to his business.

He boasted that in the space of 7 months Zooz Group had gone from a start up to a multi-million-dollar firm. Influencers Chloe Szep and Mitchell Orval introduced the pair back in late 2018 when Tommy was living at their house in Melbourne.

Shortly after, a feud broke out between Chloe and Shani, who grew up in Brisbane together and were friends since high school.

Fans speculated that the fight was fueled by Tommy. Unlike her past relationships, Shani has been very tight lipped about Tommy despite briefly moving to Melbourne to be with him.

The ex-footballer isn’t your typical boyfriend of Instagram. Tommy hasn’t appeared in any of Shani’s YouTube videos and refuses to take her Instagram photos.

It might be why he hasn’t capitalised on Shani’s Instagram following, with Tommy adding just 43k followers to his name since they got together. Kurt Tilse Kurt Tilse is the loveable, surfy, fiancé of YouTube’s Holistic Health Princess, Sarah’s Day. We first met Kurt back in 2017, when the then carpenter swept a heartbroken Sezzy off her feet and became a permanent fixture in her vlogs.

Since then we’ve all been along for the ride, tuning in ‘every three days’ to see the couple move in together, change careers, move house, discover Sarah was pregnant, be a fly on the wall in the delivery room and finally see Kurt pop the question in Hawaii.Absolutely nothing is out of bounds.

We have also seen Kurt’s career evolve from a tradie to a talented content creator with his own agency.

The thirty-year-old has helped Sarah take her content to the next level, filming and producing all of her collaboration projects with brands like White Fox Boutique, Loving Earth and La Bang Body.

Sezzy and Kurt are the ultimate couple goals, renowned for hitting Cronulla in their matching outfits, taking the ultimate Instagrammable couple photo and their infectious banter.

Lachlan Waugh

Former Big Brother contestant turned influencer, Skye Wheatley’s whirlwind relationship with Lachlan Waugh proves Tinder hook ups can last! Lachy abruptly appeared on Skye’s YouTube channel back in late 2017.

After only dating for a few weeks, Skye vlogged the first time she met Lachy’s parents, capturing the awkward exchange which included a shit tonne of cocktails, a luxurious waterside apartment and ended with the twenty-five-year-old twerking.

Skye quickly moved into the tradie’s enviable home on the Gold Coast, with his adorable sausage dog, Winnie. Lachy became a fan favourite with followers urging Skye to make him a permanent fixture on the channel.

The great thing about Lachy is, he’s just a bat-shit crazy as Skye. Whether he’s making a weird licking noises with his tongue, indulging in a ‘cockie’ or two in Bali, reluctantly showing his OOTD or engaging in a niggling argument with Skye over McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce, Lachlan is an absolute mood.

The couple’s crazy antics make for compelling viewing. After only being together for six months the couple announced they were three months pregnant with son Forrest Waugh. Since his arrival, the couple has moved into an abandoned mansion, and are documenting the renovation process.

Nick Wheatley

Nick Wheatley is the boyfriend of beauty and lifestyle vlogger Sammy Robinson. The pair began dating in 2016, after Sammy pursued Nick after meeting him at a pub in Sydney that she pulled beers at.

Nick, a former junior world Championship rower, now works in commercial real estate in Sydney. In 2018, the couple raised eyebrows after unfollowing each other on Instagram.

Sammy finally addressed the rumours later in 2018, revealing the popular couple were back together but taking it slow. Now in 2020, the pair are as strong as ever, self isolating together with Sammy’s best friend and roommate, Daisy. Mitch Third

Mitch Third is the fun loving boyfriend of influencer Tahlia Skaines. The pair first met when they were in high school in 2012 at a mutual friend’s party.

Mitch pursued Tahlia online liking and commenting on all her Instagrams, back when Tahlia had a mere 500 followers.

The pair have been inseparable ever since, despite splitting briefly in 2018. Mitch was a promising rugby player before he turned his attention to studying psychology.

He is now carving out his own career as an influencer, chalking up over 21.5k followers and hopes to one day be a highly regarded sport’s psychologist.

The couple own a Villa in Bali called Villa Tahmi, which people can hire out for $100 a night and recently moved in together to a beautiful rented apartment on the Gold Coast.


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