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McDonalds Worker Reveals The Truth Behind The McFlurry Spoon *Mind Blown*

McDonald's McFlurrys are life right now. We can’t go to bars and clubs, so a drive thru McFlurry is the height of excitement in ISO.

So…have you ever wondered why the McFlurry spoons are so oddly shaped? Well this bit of news is going to blow your minds.

A McDonalds worker has taken to Tik Tok to reveal the spoons hidden use and we're shocked!

We all know the McFlurry spoon has a boxy square shaped top. Well Tik Tok user @Marzpire has revealed this actually assists in making the McFlurry.

The spoon gets attached to the McFlurry machine and the genius little boxy spoon acts as a mixer, evenly helping distribute all the McFlurry goodness.Yum!


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