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Married At First Sight's Jonethen Musulin confirms 'secret fling' with KC Osborne

Jonethen Musulin has confirmed he and KC Osborne hooked up after the filming of MAFS wrapped in December last year. Rumours emerged last week that the pair had gone on a date during the experiment but the vision was never aired. Last week KC hit out at the claims, saying almost everyone went on dates with their co-stars while filming as it was set up and encouraged by producers. However, Jonethen spilt the tea during an Instagram Q&A claiming the pair had hooked up three times after filming and went on dates in both Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Courtesy of Instagram. 'We did end up hooking up after the show,' the 27-year-old FIFO worker said during an Instagram Q&A session. He also confirmed he and KC had gone on a date during filming at the encouragement of producers. “KC and I did go on a date on the show. It was good. We had fun. It was a breath of fresh air. Both of us weren't too happy in our relationships at that stage,' he said.

'It was good to go on a date with someone we got along with.' Jonethen was paired with Connie Crayden during the social experiment, while KC was married to Drew Brauer. Both couples have since called it quits. The latest claims are a tad awkward for KC, who announced this week she’d found love with fellow contestant Michael Goonan.


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