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MAFS Stacey Hampton Reveals Surprising New Job

Stacey Hampton has revealed she’s put her plans of being a lawyer on hold to launch a not-for-profit charity believed to be focused on mental health. During an Instagram live video with radio personality Bryce Ruthven, the 26-year-old said she hopes to launch the charity by the 1st of July.

Like most MAFS contestants, Stacey's Instagram following grew overnight after appearing on the hit reality show. She currently has over 193k followers and refreshingly wants to use her new platform for good.

"I want to do something with my platform, I don't want to just sell teeth whitening stuff," she said.

Despite being based in Adelaide, Stacey says she plans to set up the not-for-profit in Melbourne and revealed she may eventually move there with her two children.

Despite putting her legal career on hold, Stacey said she intends on pursing a career in law once her children are older and believes her appearance on MAFS won't hinder her chances of getting a job. "In the law field, it's who you know. I don't think I've done anything wrong on national TV to be stripped of any qualifications or my reputation,'" she said.

'It's up to me and I'm in the position where I have the law degree, but I want to do something better with my life at the moment. My children are still a bit young. 

'My mum worked two jobs to make sure we had a good life, I never saw her, so I want to be that mum who is home for the children. My kids come first.'

Good on her!


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