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MAFS Stacey Hampton Confesses She Knew Michael Before Filming MAFS

Stacey Hampton has made a sensational confession that she already knew of her TV husband Michael Goonan before they tied the knot on Married At First Sight. During an Instagram live interview, the Adelaide local revealed she was well aware of Michael’s family’s wealth and even shares mutual friends with the 29-year-old. 'I already knew about Michael and his family and his money before going on the show.  You need to understand that Adelaide is small - very small,' she said. Michael’s wealth was a big talking point on the reality show. His family owns South Australia’s largest ice manufacturing and packaging company. While she confirmed Michael shared mutual friends with her ex she explained they’d never actually met before filming.

Her confession calls into question the show’s initial portrayal of the 26-year-old. Fans of the show will remember Stacey’s cold demeanor towards Michael after walking down the aisle. She told the cameras after the ceremony that he was not someone she would want to date, but then was shown to backflip after her friend googled Michael and revealed he was a rich company director.


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