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MAFS Mishel Reveals Her Cosmetic Transformation

Married at First Sight’s Mishel Karen has admitting to booking herself in for Botox and fillers after appearing on the hit Nine Network reality show. The mum-of-two revealed all on her Instagram page and acknowledged spending so much time alongside her younger co-stars had influenced her decision to get cosmetic work.

"Yes I did have Botox as soon as I left filming for MAFS! Being surrounded by so many naturally attractive women, that are younger and had Botox and fillers, I did get some and I think I will get a bit more," Mishel captioned the post. "That's if we are ever allowed out again! I really liked how it opened my eyes and I look fresher. It is a very personal decision, but I give it a huge tick,” she continued. The stunning 48-year-old who has over 90,000 followers, has admitted in the past to having her eyebrow and lips colour tattooed on. She’s also been very honest on Instagram, sharing make up free selfies and discussing her insecurities.

"This is my brief overview with a picture of me with no filter, no makeup,” she captioned one makeup free post. "Of course, I have my insecurities about how I look without makeup! I see my pigmentation on my cheeks, dark circles under my eyes. "I think it is important to show you that we don't just wake up perfect and we all have insecurities about how we look." While many of her co-starts have failed at capitalising on their new found fame, Mishel has shown her younger counterparts how it’s done.

She was recently snapped up by a major PR agency and has already transition into life as a social media influencer, sharing sponsored posts for a skincare brand and fashion rental service.


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