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MAFS Lizzie Reveals Unbelievable Details About All Those MAFS Paparazzi Shots That Keep Popping Up

Elizabeth Sobinoff has spilt the tea about the mutually beneficial relationship between some reality TV contestants and the paparazzi. Speaking on Outspoken Media's podcast, Outspoken, Lizzie revealed the majority of paparazzi shots we see of reality TV contestants have actually been organised by the contestants themselves.

Whilst that might not come as a surprise to some people, it does raise questions about the legitimacy of some contestants' relationships or scandals we see in the press. When asked how much money contestants could be set to rake in for planned pap shots, Lizzie responded: “I’m not going to go into the compete details… I don’t know how much trouble I can get in for saying those sorts of things but it’s not much unless it’s kind of set up,” “So basically people get money if they are made to look like they’re hooking up with somebody else which would normally be organised,

"So I’ve seen so much of that and it’s not genuine relationships they’re just paid to be with that person or bikini shots.” While Lizzie did not direct her claims at any contestants in particular, it did raise eyebrows in the Outspoken office about whether Michael and KC’s newfound relationship is the real deal.

The pair recently announced they were together after a series of ‘paparazzi’ shots of the couple canoodling in Melbourne surfaced.

While they might legitimately be loved up because let’s be honest... we can tell by the private jet pics Michael keeps posting on Insta he’s not strapped for cash, it’s clear MAFS scandals can bring in the dollars. Interestingly both have also just released separate products following their appearance on MAFS so who knows what’s going on!

Lizzie also said people should questions the legitimacy of some ‘unflattering’ baths shots we see popping up online and in magazines. “Every single person that you see in a magazine and you go that’s such an unflattering thing, that got them in their bikini. Well they got money for that honey,” said Lizzie. When the podcast chat turned to paparazzi shots taken last year of former Bachelor contestants, Vakoo and Rachael kissing out the front of a random, empty restaurant, Lizzie responded: “That’s what I want to say... how the hell? If you’re randomly at this little boutique. How the hell are they going to know where you are?” “So the shopping centre near my parent’s house, right... I walk around with tan on, no bra... the other day I went down there with no shoes on… wouldn’t that be a paparazzi field day? No, because we’re not telling them," she laughed.

Gosh Lizzie's a legend. Got to love her keeping it real. If you'd like to hear the full chat check out the player below or search Outspoken The Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


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