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Love Island UK Has Just Made A HUGE Announcement

While we’re just getting over the news The Bachelor Australia has been postponed, the reality world has taken another huge blow with confirmation Love Island UK will be postponed until 2021. NOOOO!

There was talk of moving the show from Spain to Cornwall but the TV execs decided it just wouldn’t be the same. Thankgoodness we got our hit of Love Island during the winter series or we’d be even more bummed.

“What signal might it be sending out if we’re doing a show where everybody’s crammed together slathering over each other and the rest of the world can’t go near anyone in the park?” said Kevin Lygo, ITV’s director of television. “I’m a bit uneasy about that.”

While we totally respect ITV’s decision to keep everyone safe and we know it's completely trivial and selfish...BUT it's going to leave a MASSIVE hole in our winter nights.

It’s not all bad news though, apparently the American version of Love Island should be dropping soon. We’re hoping it’s more like Love Island UK then AU, as we all know that was a huge disappointment!


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