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Laura Byrne shares surprising details about Matty J's bedroom antics

Bachelor star Laura Byrne has divulged some juicy information about fiancé Matt Johnson.

Talking to co-host Brittany Hockley on their podcast Life Uncut, the jewellery designer revealed it had something to do with her baby daddy’s feet.

“Now that it’s gotten cold, Matt has started to do something at night time which I’m really not ok with,” Laura said. “Matt likes to put his feet, like his toes, into my feet. Into my souls of my feet… Like he kind of scratches his feet into my feet.”

The women’s conversation was interrupted though by Matty J, spying at the door. When questioned over the unusual late-night antics, the 32-year-old was defensive.

“I did it like once! I did it because it’s a sign of affection. It’s just like, a loving pat,” Matt explained.

Bachelor alumni Brittany Hockley, who was famously gaslighted by the Honey Badger, weighed in on the issue.

“Do you know what it depends on? Do you have Jurassic park toenails?” she asked.

“No, they’re very well kept,” Matt replied.

“They’re still very scratchy on the souls of my feet,” Laura interjected.

The former Bachelor won the argument by reminding Laura how lucky she was to be sharing a bed with him.

“That’s the foot of the Bachelor. Do you know how many people would kill to be woken up by my toenails?” he joked.

“Toenails and a scratchy moustache,” Laura chimed in.

However, it was Britt with the biggest burn” “It’s better than a Honey Badger.”

Take that, Nick Cummins. You never deserved Britt any way!


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