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Is Barbie Dream Date The Answer To All Our Iso Prayers!?

If you grew up in the 90s you’ll squeal with excitement just thinking about Barbie Dream Date. We discovered this gem of a game at our parent's house, whilst pillaging their cupboards in search of Monopoly.. cos it's very chic to be seen on Instastory playing Monopoly right now #isogoals.

The imagery on the box alone brings back so many amazing memories. The first rule of the game is straightforward and quite frankly a little backwards... 'girls only'... Well, let's just face the facts, the whole preface of the game screams misogyny but we must remember this was the 90's... and the game is really cute so we're going to move on.

Released in 1992, the board game has players step into the shoes of Ken. We were a little confused because we swore there used to be a 'dud' Ken but each suitor was picture perfect.

First players get to pick which Ken doll they want to be and then take it in turns to move around the board in the hope of landing on gifts to give to Barbie... I think most millennial women would die of shock if they were greeted by a man with a present, but we digress.

Along the way, Ken can pick up perfume, candy or flowers... wait a sec... is this the game to blame for our unrealistically high expectations of men?...

Once you've picked up Barbie, the aim is to collect as many date cards as you can. Just so we’re clear, these are dates no millennial man would ever take a women on, besides maybe the ice-cream parlour date.

The more luxurious date cards range from, horseback riding, snow skiing and attending a costume ball.. so basically just your typical fake Bachelor dates. We're thinking of recreating the modern version of Barbie Dream Date to include the date card option of 'Netflix and chill'. The aim of the game is to collect the most gift and date cards before the clock strikes 12. For anyone looking for a moment of escape in this crazy time, we'd highly recommend pulling out this old favourite. It takes one quarter of the time Monopoly and provides plenty of laughs along the way.


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