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Influencer Shani Grimmond Reveals How The Influencer World Is Being Greatly affected By Covid-19

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

One of Australia's biggest influencers, Shani Grimmond has revealed how Covid-19 is affecting the influencer world.

In her latest Youtube video the popular beauty vlogger confessed sponsored work had significantly slowed down.

'Obviously with all of this going on brands don’t have budget so everything is getting pushed back because obviously people aren’t going to be spending money because they don’t have money to buy the product that you promote,' she told her followers.

'Brands aren’t making as much money because people aren’t buy as many products so that’s why jobs have pretty much come to a halt or slowed down a lot," she continued.

The beauty vlogger confessed her current situation to her over 1 million subscribers, saying she wanted to share how the situation has affected her too.

'I know a lot of people are losing jobs and there are so many horrible things going on and I just want to share what influencers are going through… at least me,' she told the camera.

'I can’t really speak for anyone else but I know a lot of people don’t really talk about it so I just thought I’d be open about it and share a bit about what’s happening,' she continued.

She finished by telling her fans that she didn't want the video to come across as if she was complaining because she knows there are so many people in worse situations than her that can’t afford rent or food, or that have lost their jobs.

Shani said she hoped her vlog would take people's minds off being in self isolation and provide them some light entertainment.

Despite mentioning the drop off in work, Shani's day in the life vlog showed her shooting sponsored content for Bondi Sands, and receiving clothes from Pretty Little Thing.


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