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Influencer's hack to solve shitty iso nails

Influencer Tahlia Skaines has some important news for women struggling with shitty iso nails.

The Instagram model, normally renowned for her claws, now has unpainted stubs like the rest of us.

That’s of course thanks to nail salons not being classified as an essential service during the pandemic… Scomo clearly doesn’t know the pain of removing your own SNS.

Fortunately, Tahls has a temporary saviour for all of us who have ripped off our SNS to discover damaged AF nails.

“Guys, I’m so excited for this. As we know, I don’t have nails on at the moment and I usually go to Onxy Files. They have now started doing press-on nails. Is that not the best thing ever?” Tahlia shared to her 521k followers on Instagram story today.

Suddenly, we’re transported back to our early teen years when this was the only option to get long nails that made the clicky sound when typing.

These stick-ons are much more bougie though and according to the law graduate are custom made.

“Basically, they last for two weeks and they custom measure your nails. They ask exactly what colour you want or pattern or anything you’d like,” Tahlia explained.

“It’s actually really good for people who are interstate because when I do get my nails done, people often ask where and how they can get them done. So, if you are interstate, you can order these ones as well.”

A word of warning, just be careful. I can imagine they can get unstuck pretty quickly and will turn up just about anywhere!


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