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Having Bachie Withdrawals? Well...Ciarran And Timm Just Answered All Of Our Bachie Prayers...

For those having Bachie withdrawals, Bachelorette faves Timm Hanly and Ciarran Stott have answered your prayers, setting up a joint Youtube channel called ‘Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.’ The boys, who recently moved in together, released their first video just last week. The video follows the pair as they travel around Melbourne, chat in the car, pick out funny costumes and prepare for a meeting with Chadwick Models.

Courtesy of Youtube.

During a car ride the popular duo revealed what they’ve been up to since Bachie. Timm explained he’d been on a huge night club promotional tour, while Ciarran revealed he’d been back in Darwin getting tatted up.

Courtesy of Youtube.

So far the boys have 567 subscribers and the video has had 5,414 views. We'd recommend checking the video out and giving the boys a follow because it will be a while before Bachie is officially back!


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