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From Influencer to Barista? Shani Grimmond Reveals Shock Career Revelation...

Shani Grimmond has revealed she wishes she could work in a coffee shop at least one day a week just for the social interaction. The 22-year-old made the revelation during a Taco Bell mukbang video on her YouTube channel. "I feel like in my job you aren’t around people as much, so my teamwork skills are so bad. "I think maybe it’s a bit unhealthy to not be around people much," she said as she munched on a taco.

She went on to tell her 1.5m followers that unlike most of them, who have a normal job, she misses out on those everyday conversations. "I feel like most people watching this would be going to a job and you have people around you, and you have conversations with people, but for me I don’t really have that. I’m at home all day by myself," she said. She also revealed life as a YouTuber and influencer can be very lonely and if her boyfriend, Tommy Bugg, isn't home she often doesn't see anyone all day.

"I kind of was thinking about doing a part-time job. Obviously not for the money, just to have human to human experience.

"I don’t know, just even volunteering at RSPCA or I love making coffee. I’m so obsessed with it. I’d love to work at a coffee shop once a week but I feel like people would just ask for photos and stuff and it wouldn’t be really awkward." So, when the cafes start opening up in Brisbane, keep your eyes peeled for Shani behind the coffee machine! Watch her full video here.


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