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Former Bachelorette Contestant Paddy Spills The Tea About His X-Rated New Career Path

Paddy Colliar was only on Ali Otejen’s series of the Bachelorette for a handful of episodes but boy did he make an impression.

While he might not have tried to blitz a whole avocado like some, he stood out for his bleach blonde hair and the fact he constantly ogled Ali and called her ‘f**king fit’ every five minutes.

After a brief stint on Bachelor in Paradise last year, Paddy is back on our radars after spilling the tea to his local newspaper, The Advertiser.

The former personal trainer revealed he’s signed up to ‘OnlyFans’ which is basically a subscription based amateur porn site. Paddy said he decided so sign up after losing his job at the gym due to covid-19 restrictions.. poor guy. He’s not the only one to take up the online activity, with figures obtained by News Corp revealing more the 200,000 Australians joined this year. A large number of those are believed to have signed up due to their work being affected by covid-19. Paddy told the newspaper that he hopes to make around $2,000 a month off the subscription service. Who needs Jobseeker when you’ve got the internet, hey?

The 27-year-old is currently charging users $16 a month to subscribe to his content, which he said is ‘pretty tame’ and based off what his followers wants to see.

Apparently he also gives no f**Ks if his nude images spread beyond the site… but wouldn’t that be unfair for those racking out the $16 a month…. According to News Corp not all content on OnlyFans is adult in nature. It’s apparently a split of 60/40 adult to non adult content for those playing at home.


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